Pet of the Month: Meet Ava, the cat who knows her own mind


Pet of the Month: Meet Ava, the cat who knows her own mind

Guest Writer

Guest Writer

The "perfect kitty" finally got the home she deserved

Pharmacy Today’s new Pet of the Month feature shines a spotlight on our furry (or feathered) friends. We are asking you, our readers, to join in with pictures and comments on your own adored pets

Here's a story about how Ava joined our household. In 2017, our family dog crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”. This left a pet-sized hole in our house (for a house is not a home without pets) and my parents decided to adopt a cat.

They originally had their eye on another cat, but when they went to the SPCA Ava kept coming up to Mum, asking for cuddles and yelling at her if she looked at other cats.

After much thought they decided to adopt both but their first choice had already been given a loving home. Ava was still there though, waiting for the ones she had chosen to be her humans. And we are very glad she did!

Every time we see her lovely little face or hear her yelling for her food at teatime or pat her bunny-soft fluff, we think how lucky we are that this perfect kitty chose us to give her the life she deserves.

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