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Commenting on Pharmacy Today - some rules of engagement

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We invite all our readers to contribute to the comment stream as we want to encourage wide debate on our stories and the issues affecting general practice and the health sector.

We have made it easy for our subscribers to comment on articles and blogs. The website is mostly behind a paywall. For this reason, and because we have a very small editorial team, we do not moderate comments. They appear online as soon as they are posted.

Real names

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The sensible stuff

• Make your case as vigorously as possible without being rude.
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• If you are feeling especially emotional about an issue, take a breather before posting.
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The sterner stuff

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And to finish

We may take the opportunity to contact you directly if your comment raises issues we would like to follow up as part of the news-gathering process. We may also publish your comment in the Pharmacy Today magazine.
We hope you take up the opportunity to debate with our readers and we look forward to reading your comments.

If you spot activity you believe violates our guidelines, please let us know. Contact the editor,

Happy debating,

Jonathan Chilton-Towle, Acting editor