CLASSact: Cannabis-based medicines


CLASSact: Cannabis-based medicines

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1 minute to Read + 60 minutes to Delve
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CLASSact objectives:

  • Improve understanding of cannabis-based medicines
  • Reflect on how competence standards have been met in practice
  • Consider how new knowledge can be implemented in practice
  • Prepare for a peer group meeting on this topic

Completing this CLASSact worksheet may allow you to fulfil some or all of the following elements of your Pharmacy Council annual recertification requirements:

  • Keeping up to date – go to MyRecert (, select the “Keeping up to date” page of your portfolio, then enter a description of this activity.
  • Reflection on practice – complete this CLASSact worksheet, scan or save the PDF, then upload it to the “Reflection on practice” page of your portfolio on MyRecert.

This activity has been endorsed by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand as suitable for inclusion in a pharmacist's continuing education records for continuing professional development purposes.

Get started

Download the CLASSact worksheet via the button below. This is an interactive PDF that provides you with both knowledge and reflective questions for independent learning.

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Completing this CLASSmates activity may allow you to fulfil some or all of the following elements of your annual recertification requirements:

  • Keeping up to date
  • Meeting with professional peers