Pharmacy contract workshop gets thumbs up from guild and society


Pharmacy contract workshop gets thumbs up from guild and society

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Feedback on the pharmacy services contract workshop held on Friday is positive, with sector leaders seeing a way forward
The mood around the new pharmacy services contract appears to have lightened following the first joint workshop between DHB officials and sector re, Graeme Smith, Graeme Smith


So, even though it's recognised that the DHB receives exceptional value for money from pharmacy, and New Zealand pharmacists are paid lowly by international standards, DHBs feel that we are still paid too much.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that this whole exercise is about paying pharmacy less money for more services, just like it has always been.

You can dress it up anyway you like, but the end result is more work for less money.

Agree with Graeme, operational efficiency is key.

What does that take?

 - Get Medicines Act sorted.

-  Accept that Pharmac's inability to allow pharmacy business owners to purchase the appropriate size pack for the job will mean we never have an fully optimized supply chain, stop seeking it . Pharmacy - don't be beaten up for your perceived inadequacies here. it's not your fault.

- Really hot-shit supply chains that deliver just in time service are HIGHLY intimate with their up-stream and down-stream partners (just like wholesalers and pharmacy). Deliver on the health IT promises that tax payers have invested millions and millions of dollars in, let's see some action on making pharmacies more intimate with GPs this decade too. hospitals would be nice as well.

Pharmacy is doing really well as being more efficient - they are consolidating into bigger units, they have structured groups developing great services to a high standard, they are investing in robots left, right and centre. But the big gains are still out of reach, because of these issues.

Need proof? We have just had a new entrant come into the sector to do mail order script fulfillment - smart team, good product. Big marketing and robotic investment.  Still needs to have a FAX sent to get the job done. Oh please....

Spot on, Anna. Working at "top of scope" requires 80's technology. #beatingourheadagainstabrickwall.