New pharmacy contract to provide more detail and assurance, DHBs say


New pharmacy contract to provide more detail and assurance, DHBs say

Carolyn Gullery
DHBs lead pharmacy general manager for planning and funding Carolyn Gullery says the revised IPSCA contract will provide more detail on the service model
The DHB leader pushing through the new pharmacy services contract is assuring pharmacists the revised contract will provide more clarity on how the


As well as more assurance & detail, the new contract will need to supply a lot more money judging by the Society's "Guide for Pharmacist Salary Banding in NZ" which was communicated yesterday by email to members.

The Society's average general pharmacist salary is claimed to be 15% higher than the figures quoted by the likes of the Pharmacy Guild which will pose a problem for pharmacy owners nationally given most community pharmacist pay rates are based on the long established Guild surveys.

If I was an employee pharmacist, I'd be feeling pretty hard done by after reading the Society's Guide and be wanting a substantial raise no doubt bolstered by the Nurses recent rejection of a 9% lift.

Funny thing though, the references given by the Society in their Guide show very little, if any, basis for their pay claims.


So, Mrs Gullery states " because a number of pharmacies who are innovative and have been thinking about their business models raised with us that this is the direction they are wanting to go in” the DHB's are looking at completely rewriting the nature of pharmacy contracting. 

This makes little sense. I can't help but think there is more to it, if a small number of pharmacies are able to initiate such massive change.

Is the current service model broken?