What is ELearning?

ELearning is a free service, provided by The Health Media, that allows primary care providers access to a wide range of professional development readings and courses. A personal learning account is created that allows New Zealand-based learners to earn professional development points and log them in a record of their achievements. ELearning offers the following learning teams: general practice (New Zealand Doctor), community nursing (ELearningNurse), pharmacist (Pharmacy Today) and pharmacy staff (Pharmacy Today and The Healthcare Handbook). This page outlines things that pharmacy learners may wish to know.

Our helpdesk

We have a business hours help-desk for learners who need a hand. Call us on 09 488 4286 or email elearning@thehealthmedia.co.nz
You might even want to visit us at 11 Omana Road, Milford, Auckland 0620.