Director-General of Health decides to finish term early


Director-General of Health decides to finish term early

Media release from Ministry of Health

The Director-General of Health Chai Chuah has decided today to conclude his term early.

“I have been considering for some time that the health system needs a new Director-General in place to take it forward," Mr Chuah said.

“It’s always been my view that the health system needs to tackle the challenges ahead as One Team. While significant progress has been made in shifting the system forward it has not been without controversy in the sector.

this time, it is increasingly important for the sector to operate in a unified way if we are to accelerate and further embed the gains we have already made.

“For that reason I have decided to conclude my time early. This will enable the State Services Commissioner to appoint a new Director-General of Health to carry forward this work.

“The State Services Commissioner will begin the process of appointing a new Director-General of Health. My last day will be 2 February 2018.

“It has not been an easy decision for me, as I am immensely proud of the progress that we have made as a Ministry over the last four years.

“I recognise there is a lot more work yet to do, however, I believe the foundations are now in place for the Ministry of Health to take the next step. I am optimistic that the important shift our health system needs to make is already in motion. The context of a digitally empowered citizen and an aging population will demand and drive change.

“I have been privileged to be the Director-General to start this important system shift. It is now time for me to enable someone else to embed the changes we have made.

“I am enormously proud of the work the Ministry and all its dedicated, hard-working staff have done and for the work done each day by people in the sector to improve the performance of New Zealand’s internationally regarded public healthcare system. I thank them all for the support they have given me and my family during my time.

“I wish them all the very best for the future.”