Officials admit ‘fail’ on communication of medicines class changes

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Officials admit ‘fail’ on communication of medicines class changes

Chilton Towle
Sarah Dougherty Unichem Milford

When Gees Linctus and dextromethorphan-containing medicines were reclassified on 25 February, no one heard about it. Unaware of the change, pharmacies and supermarkets blithely carried on selling the products for up to a week before they found out this was illegal. Now angry pharmacists are asking why they didn’t hear about the change on time. Jonathan Chilton-Towle reports

When Auckland pharmacist Sara Dougherty came into work at Unichem Milford in Auckland on Thursday, 28 February, she had no idea one little email in th


  It's disappointing that officials are more than happy to jump on a Pharmacist if they make an error or are negligent, but when it comes to the officials with the negligence, it's lots of put your head in the sand and blame everyone but yourselves. A true leadership group puts their hands up after a mistake and looks at everything that lead to the error to make sure it doesn't happen again. I look forward to seeing how this goes