Pharmacy ciggie sales the logical choice for helping smokers quit - researcher


Pharmacy ciggie sales the logical choice for helping smokers quit - researcher

Chilton Towle
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Professor Nick Wilson says pharmacists could play an even greater role in reducing smoking prevalence
If cigarette sales were restricted to pharmacies, smokers buying tobacco could be given smoking cessation counselling and nicotine repl, Nick Wilson, Nick Wilson


OMG - You got to be kidding me.

I just cant fathom how pharmacists could be selling something that is harming the lungs of clients

There is no anectodal evidence overseas.

Anyway this is my personal opinion and I have said it on TV.

Cigarrete smoke has a lot of harmful chemicals in them including carcinogens. That is why its getting banned in lots of places. Parents smoking in cars with young children present is currently been looked at.

Sunil Kumar


Unichem Grey Lynn

Countdown pharmacy already discounts our professional fees to lure customers into their retail store to expose them to high sugar foods, alcohol and ... cigarettes.  Just sayin...

Not a chance in the world I will sell cigarettes in my Pharmacy.

You could show me all the evidence in the world how it may work. It's not happening with me.

I have a duty as an employer to make my workplace safe, and last time I looked, numerous Dairy's and Petrol Station's have been held up by people with weapons demanding cigarettes.

I tell you what Mr Wilson, I will happily support you opening a special clinic that you work in that sells cigarettes, and provides smoking cessation support for those who want it.

Tobacco is no different to any other drug with an addiction potential.

It seems an unusual idea but pharmacy deals with other clients suffering drug addictions so why not?

The gains suggested are small but if there is an improvement in the health of NZer's, then it should be considered.

As for security, most of the dairy robberies occur at isolated businesses, after usual business hours often with a sole staff member so the likelihood of increased robberies is minimal. Pharmacy already has far more valuable stuff to be held up for.

It would also represent an additional income stream. If it wasn't profitable, dairies wouldn't continue to sell it in the face of increasing risk.