Pharmacists face disciplinary action over widespread case of fraudulent scripts

This story has been changed to clarify that the four pharmacists before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal are not from the named pharmacies.
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Pharmacists face disciplinary action over widespread case of fraudulent scripts

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A fraudulent prescription was dispensed 60 times at pharmacies in Auckland and Waikato
Startling details have emerged of a case involving dozens of pharmacists in the upper North Island dispensing an illegal prescription for popular pain


Dozens of pharmacists in the wrong? 

Sounds more like a failure of leadership. Perhaps it’s time to shelve the fancy special projects etc and get back to basics.


Mandatory NZePS would stop this in its tracks

So was the dentist reprimanded too?

The fact that this woman went to extreme lengths to copy scripts and deceive pharmacists seems to have gone unnoticed.

Anyone with a decent printer / scanner could copy or even generate a legitimate looking prescription that would fool 100% of practicing  pharmacists.

These pharmacists need to be given a break and not put through a totally unnecessary investigation.

I had this happen to me as Locum pharmacist. A script for Clonazepam was presented to me by a patient known to me from another pharmacy. I was instantly suspicous of course and told him we had run out and to pop back after 3pm once the order will have arrived. The script had been obviously photocopied but it was a good quality copy and the patient had messed up the paper to make it look like it was a few days old. The date of the script was also over a month old and they never wait a month before filling these types of meds. A bit of detective work revealed that the script had been dispensed in over 8 pharmacies over the last week with no checks made at all.  I contacted the police who were waiting for him at 3pm when he returned.  The ended up prosecuting him for fraud as it has a higher time. I had a few things in my favour to catch him out and admittedly it was a fluke that I was on that day  BUT I do sympathise with the pharmacists concerned as this all to easy to have happen in a busy pharmacy. No excuse though for no date or no prescribers signature.