Pharmac considers move to just one brand of lamotrigine


Pharmac considers move to just one brand of lamotrigine

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Pharmac proposes listing Logem as the only funded brand of lamotrigine
Pharmac is seeking feedback from pharmacists and prescribers as it considers changes to funding of lamotrigine, a medicine used to


Great timing

would a patient adverse affect rate of 5% be acceptable ?


Pharmac needs to review the sole supply/ single option for all drugs where multiple brands exist.


1) Would allow pharmacies to secure deals outside of regular wholesale price for an extra revenue stream like they do in Australia if there are multiple available subsidised options. 

2) Safeguards against out of stocks. NZ is a very small market and will always be vulnerable to supply issues. Having multiple subsidised options would streamline out of stock situations (which seems to an ongoing problem) and push some of the poor performing suppliers out of the market.

Not convinced? Why not try it for a couple of drugs for a few years to assess an alternative to sole supply.