Greymouth: It’s got it all

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Greymouth: It’s got it all

Jonathan Chilton-Towle

The pharmacy team in Greymouth
The pharmacy team in Greymouth, with Eliza Hood fourth from left [Image: Supplied]

Many pharmacists, particularly young pharmacists, are feeling disillusioned, burned out and are leaving the profession. But amid the doom and gloom, there are great pharmacies around the country serving their communities, enabling pharmacists to work at top of scope and offering all the cool services they learned about at pharmacy school. In our new series “A great place to work” Pharmacy Today is highlighting some of these pharmacies. We start our journey in Greymouth on the South Island’s West Coast at Unichem Olsen’s Pharmacy and Unichem Te Nīkau Pharmacy. Jonathan Chilton-Towle reports

On a typical day working in one of Greymouth’s two community pharmacies, Unichem Olsen’s Pharmacy in central Greymouth or Unichem Te Nīkau Pharmacy, y