Think big, think accessibility


Think big, think accessibility

Ian McMichael PSNZ president

Ian McMichael

Cervical screening

Pharmaceutical Society president Ian McMichael urges pharmacists to expand their horizons

BREAKING NEWS: “Pharmacists start cervical screening.” That headline is maybe one for the future, and why not? When we started immunisation in comm


Ian - "quietly getting qualified "is a key  point  you mention.

There is nothing stopping Pharmacists getting qualified outside their normal scope - eg setting up IV's and taking preventive swabs and samples .

The only barrier - is our doubt.

The lowering of barriers to get Pharmacists prescribing and working alongside their GP's is another great opportunity lying in front of us ....

Advocating pharmacists start cervical screening is just plain weird and quite frankly, creepy.

With this sort of mindset, you should not be in charge of a representative body like the Pharmaceutical society.


John- you have missed the point here .

Ian is simply challenging us to think outside the current boundaries of our  practices.

Good leadership makes us think about the best possible way to serve our community and how we can add new professional services to our scope of practice  and  lead to  benefits for  our patients.

Not missed the point. It is just weird. And creepy.

Pharmacy is about medicine supply & best use. If you don’t like that, go and do something else, don’t try and make the profession something that it isn’t.

Are Dr’s & nurses developing training programmes to start dispensing medicines and other roles that have been our domain? No. Why? Because they have the good sense to do what they do and do it well rather than trying to turn themselves into some half-arsed jack of all trades.

And Ian isn’t a good leader. The Society has become an ineffective bureaucracy that is out of touch with what’s happening and unable to advocate for what needs to happen to get Pharmacy on the right track.

Can't help but feel that we are being forced into finding additional sources of revenue. I don't know people who are actually interested in providing these extras services, outside of financial incentives, which in this current climate isn't just about greed but more often than not survival. I feel sad and sorry for the future of pharmacy, being encouraged to constantly seek out new revenue streams just to survive.