Pharmacists join low-cost practice offering copayment ‘subscriptions’


Pharmacists join low-cost practice offering copayment ‘subscriptions’

Chilton Towle
Steve Jo
Steve Jo along with fellow pharmacists Tae Song and Terry Son (not pictured) are setting up a new pharmacy at the He Puna Waiora Wellness Centre in Invercargill
Three Invercargill pharmacists have set up shop in Invercargill’s Very Low Cost Access practice, He Puna Waiora Wellness Centre, introducing a new way


Stay well pharmacy has been running a scheme similar to this for several years but helping clients set up an automatic payment of $5 a week and generating a credit account. This has meant that clients who previously were in arrears of up to several hundred dollars were now holding significant credit and able to use the funds to pay for their prescriptions or other Unplanned purchases. We also had occasions where they could withdraw the funds at the pharmacy because they had another unexpected situation and did not have the money to pay for it. 

You are not alone Mark. Been doing this for years. For that select group of patients it takes all the pain out of paying for prescriptions.

The situation is different in Auckland ,when free prescription are provided by some Pharmacist ,who will bother to enrol in this kind of scheme.

Been doing something similar for a few years now. A select few patients pay eg $5.00 per week out of their benefit into pharmacy account.This way the patient is usually in a small credit situation. This payment covers co-payments plus pack fees. Also usually enough in credit to cover the occasional OTC purchase.