Pharmacists band together to access new money for top-of-scope services

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Pharmacists band together to access new money for top-of-scope services

Chilton Towle
Iain Buchannan
Whangarei pharmacy owner Iain Buchanan believes joining together with other pharmacists is the best way for pharmacy owners to ensure they get a slice of the funding pie

On 1 October 2018, the new and much anticipated Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement came into force. The new contract promised to inject more than $20 million in new funding into the sector and provide flexibility to develop local services. Seven months on, reporter Jonathan Chilton-Towle looks at what the contract has delivered

Pharmacists around New Zealand are banding together to access funding under the new pharmacy services contract. When it came into force last year,


We in Canterbury are really fortunate for the programmes we offer in collaboration with partners across our system. As an Alliance partner of the Canterbury Clincial Network, The Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group (CCPG) works alongside our partners, including CDHB, and co-design services together with consumers. To date we have have been supported to deliver medication management services including MURs and MTAs, smoking cessation referral services and workforce development like motivational conversations and cultural competency, amongst others. Being a partner within the system rather than an individual trying to go it alone is gratifying. We continue to learn and progress the work we are doing by acknowledging and supporting the clinical contributions of our community pharmacists. Having a supportive DHB, partners, members, and an engaged pharmacy portfolio manager has been critical to our success.