Not yet time to panic over expansion of Chemist Warehouse

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Not yet time to panic over expansion of Chemist Warehouse

Chilton Towle
Chemist Warehouse, west Auckland
Signs of the Chemist Warehouse moving in to the Boundary, a shopping centre on Vitasovich Ave, Henderson, in West Auckland. Details of the new store could not be confirmed as director Azman Haroon could not be reached for comment on this article.

When the first Chemist Warehouse opened in Auckland, the discount pharmacy giant was tipped to swiftly dominate the New Zealand pharmacy market, as it has done in Australia where it has more than 400 stores. A year and a half later, there are five stores in Auckland, with a least one more opening soon. Reporter Jonathan Chilton-Towle examines the impact Chemist Warehouse has had on the Auckland pharmacy scene

It’s not all “doom and gloom” in the Auckland pharmacy market, but owners are feeling the pinch on their profits since Chemist Warehouse first opened , Cartoon Chem Warehouse


it will never be a level playing field with chemist warehouse here to stay at the expense of NZ Pharmacy - and the Government /Winz are happy for the patients.