DHBs bypass CPSA talks in favour of wider consultation


DHBs bypass CPSA talks in favour of wider consultation

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A letter given to Pharmacy Today reveals the DHBs have decided to put the proposed CPSA contracts out for consultation with the wider pharmacy industry, without an agreement being reached by the contract group.
A letter obtained by Pharmacy Today reveals DHBs are bypassing the Community Pharmacy Services Agreement contract group and going directly


Whoop, whoop, whoop, sound the alarm. Sounds like divide and rule going down.  Pharmacy needs to be careful to not fragment now. This will be just what the DHBs need. Listen very carefully to your sector agents. Get to those meetings. 

How on earth do you fund health well without policy?

Does the Pharmacy sector have something of value to negotiate with the DHB's? It seems like it may need to be of a monetary value to speak a common language. Perhaps the cost of running and administering the Pharmacode system increases? By lots?

Interesting :) Yes, well pharmacy collects do collect a lot of co-pays on behalf of DHBs.