Understanding asthma: It’s time to let the AIR in

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Understanding asthma: It’s time to let the AIR in

Carmen Pope

Man using spirometer
When diagnosing asthma and other lung conditions, doctors often use spirometry to measure lung function [Image: iStock.com – Svitlana Hulko] Pathology of asthma

Sione comes to your pharmacy in his lunch break and asks for something for his cough. He says he has had it for about three months, it is often worse at night, and he also feels a bit tight in the chest. His sentences are reasonably clipped, and he sounds a bit short of breath as he tells you he has only recently left school and started work at the local sawmill.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi provides the framework for improving health outcomes for Māori, but its principles of partnership, protection and participation c
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