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Thailand symposium an 'opportunity of a lifetime' for students

Georgia Merton 01 September 2017, 1:18PM
Thailand symposium an 'opportunity of a lifetime' for studentsOtago School of Pharmacy student delegates Alisa Tan, Prashikha Chand and Nina Qin McMurtrie at the symposium in Bangkok

The 16th Asia Pacific Pharma­ceutical Symposium (APPS) proved a hit for the three student delegates who went over to Bangkok for the event, according to Alisa Tan.  

Miss Tan, a third-year Otago pharmacy student, says there was a lot going on at the symposium, and she was surprised at how much opportunity there was to simply get to know students from different countries.  

"Content-wise, there were seminars and regional assemblies, but then they also had lots of cultural events. They had an international night with performances, and something from each country," says Miss Tan. "It was really the opportunity of a lifetime." 

She says the regional assemblies involved a lot of reviewing of the previous year, and all the delegates were able to share ideas and learn about what other countries do and how they can apply these discoveries to their students. 

"It was pretty cool because we had that balance. We got to interact and extend friendships with people we can actually work with in the future," says Miss Tan, who is a member of the New Zealand Association of Pharmacy Students Otago (NZAPS-O). The Asia Pacific Regional Office holds the symposium annually, and the Otago students got back this Sunday.  

Miss Tan says her time in Bangkok filled her with motivation and interest, and she feels there's more she can do now.  

"It would be great to get more attendance over here to, say, educational seminars where students from Otago and Auckland could become more aware of what NZAPS does, and what's going on internationally. Get a bigger picture of pharmacy, really."  

She says it was exciting to see what other countries were doing with public health campaigns. 

"Pharmacy is changing, and everyone there was looking at what else we could be doing," says Miss Tan. "It's a great event for students." 

Next year's symposium will be held in Japan, and Miss Tan says she would love to go again, and work together with other people to be a part of it. GM


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