Dispensary automation? Better late than never!

Dispensary automation? Better late than never!

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Cretem in Fiordland Community Pharmacy
Dispensary automation? Better late than never!

Established in 2015, CretemNZ had steady, gradual growth and are now working with almost a hundred pharmacies nation wide - about 10 per cent of dispensaries.

About half the dispensaries in NZ are already using automation systems, whether it’s helping them count or pack.

The market is saturated, you might say? We think it’s far from saturated!

Automation systems may be considered a ‘fancy’ and ‘expensive’ luxury item. Although it still does look fancy and it can be expensive, it is no longer a ‘luxury’ item. People working in the dispensary rely on automation systems more than ever.

Automation improves efficiency, accuracy and patient safety.

Thinking about it?

Businesses in these situations are benefiting from dispensary automation:

  • High prescription numbers (compliance packs, high frequency of counting, etc)
  • Unstable staff members (leaves, interns, holidays etc)
  • Pharmacies in a rural area (hard to find staff)
  • Pharmacies with rest home care
How your dispensary can benefit – do so much more!

Fundamentally automation systems must save time and money for a business.

There is still too much manual work involved in running the day to day business at the dispensary. One should not be spending most of their time counting pills, nor should they do the stressful job of filling blisters all day. Who enjoys counting 540s of Metformin 500mg? Who enjoys picking at the blister cell, flipping it over their head to check for pills?

With automation you can eliminate most human errors. Picking up the wrong medicine or the wrong strength for example.

With the help of robots, you and your team will have more time to build a strong relationship with people walking into your pharmacy. Customers will much appreciate the advice and service you’ll be able to offer.

Leave the counting and packing to the robots. Imagine deblistering a box of Asprin 100mg in under two minutes! Popping blister cards and checking packs are made easy with CretemNZ automation systems.

MTC – Multi Tablet Counter
  • MTC count’s 29 medicines of your choice – counts simultaneously, able to pick up jobs from any workstation inside your dispensary
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Save time and relieve stress.
  • No more customers eyeing you over the counter!
Packing robots – sachets
  • Save a ton of time – more than you can imagine
  • Check pills on the palm of your hands, not over your head
  • Solution for packing half tablets or medicines you don’t have a canister for – not using a tray!
  • Integrated with Toniq and RxOne
  • PHARMAC brand change? No worries! – we assemble canisters in NZ. Order via email and receive your new canister within 5 working days
Fingers and joints aching?
  • There are manual and motorized de-blistering machines in NZ
  • We provide EZP POP (fast, bulk) and MINI POP (user friendly, everyday use)
So how is your dispensary running?

If you have questions or need a different opinion please contact us.

Consider these factors at your dispensary:

  • Number of prescriptions
  • Number of compliance pack patients (and your growth rate, your target)
  • Number of different medicines used for compliance pack patients
  • Physical size of your dispensary
  • Number of staff
  • Future plan and goals

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