Another view on the patients you see too often

Another view on the patients you see too often

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Dr John Tagg, Professor Emeritus at University of Otago
Do you have patients you’re seeing too often?

Trying to align the body’s bacterial balance may help break the bad bug cycle

After developing rheumatic fever as a child, I know from personal experience the importance of a healthy bacterial balance.

I have spent all of my working life as a microbiologist. With the help of a team of very talented and hard working people at The University of Otago, I discovered and developed a range of probiotics from beneficial bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius. These bacteria are found to occur naturally in the healthy throats of adults and children however, only around 2% of the population have sufficiently high levels of the most active of these bacteria.

You can learn more about our research here but for now let’s concentrate on how good bugs like Blis K12 may play a role in the management of healthy throat and mouth bacterial balance.

The role of good bugs

BLIS K12 is the first of this new generation of advanced oral probiotics. It’s advanced because unlike standard probiotics it works in 2 ways:

  • The ‘good’ bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius K12) crowd out many of the 'bad' bacteria that can have a negative impact on your patients’ health, creating a positive bacterial balance.
  • It can also inhibit the bad bacteria, providing protection against them coming back.

Put very simply, it crowds out the bad bugs.

Leave no room for bad bugs

ThroatGuard Pro

We developed ThroatGuard Pro with BLIS K12 as an extra strength oral probiotic for use at times when people need a boost for their immune defences. They might be worried about exposure to bad bugs in the work place or on public transport, or they might be living in a crowded or damp home.

ThroatGuard Pro adds an extra layer of protection at the gateway to the body - the oral cavity.

Other Blis products

Other products in our K12 range include DailyDefence and DailyDefence Junior for maintaining immunity, TravelProtect for the extra protection needed when travelling and HoneyBlis in a range of flavours for a scratchy throat that needs a little soothing. For a review of our full range including ToothGuard containing Blis M18 go to