Sukin Purely Ageless


Sukin Purely Ageless

The natural skincare category has evolved significantly over the last 10 years, when Sukin pioneered natural

skincare and launched onto Pharmacy and Health Food Store shelves. Today, natural skincare makes up just

under one quarter of the total Pharmacy skincare market .

Consumers buying into natural products value the transparency of knowing what goes into the products they

are using personally, and on their families’ bodies. These savvy consumers have worked out that natural skincare

is effective, affordable, a sensory delight and supports an overall healthy lifestyle. In 2017, 50% of consumers

claim to “prefer” natural, and the market growth is not looking like slowing anytime soon.

However, one of the main barrier identified as to why consumers have not yet made the switch to natural is a concern around efficacy, what is most important to 59% of consumers is quite simply that the product works*.

For this reason, natural anti-aging products have not developed as fast as other products within the category.

But with technology and natural ingredient solutions rapidly evolving, there no longer needs to be a compromise

on choosing natural vs. performance.

Sukin is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the reformulated Sukin Purely Ageless range, in stores now.

The new Purely Ageless range harnesses powerful natural active ingredients such as Pure Ribose, Paracress

Extract, Crambe Oil, White Hibiscus & Baobab, which help deliver impressive results:


•Pure Ribose reduces wrinkles by up to 78% (total area) and smoothes the skin for a visible difference after

just 14 days

•Paracress Extract reduces the surface of wrinkles by up to 50%

•Crambe Oil increases skin hydration rate by 60% over 5 days

•4/5 users of White Hibiscus & Baobab saw an improvement in skin firmness and plumpness


The Sukin Purely Ageless Range is the next evolution of natural skincare, bridging the gap between a product

that is natural, environmentally conscious, accessible; and a product that is clinically proven to deliver results.

The combination of powerful natural ingredients, coupled with the latest research and technologies,

Sukin Purely Ageless is natural skincare that delivers results.

*Vizeum and Data2decisions Market Exploration, March 2017. SUKIN Consumer Global Survey, 01/02/2017 – 28/02/2017