StellarCare enables health professionals to help patients achieve overall health and wellness


StellarCare enables health professionals to help patients achieve overall health and wellness

Green Cross Health
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Green Cross Health is pleased to announce the launch of StellarCare, a programme to help health professionals act as health coaches in their local communities. The programme aims to enable patients to achieve overall health and wellness.

“We are excited to introduce StellarCare to the Green Cross Health Academy programme that will allow students to achieve NZQA Level Four qualification and influence people to make major breakthroughs in their health and wellbeing,” says Dianne Sherrock, People and Capability Development Manager at Green Cross Health.

Following the success of the award-winning Green Cross Health Academy Stellar Leadership course and the endorsement by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, the StellarCare programme enables professionals to be confident at working at the top of their scope. Since its inception, the course has seen 400 leaders from Green Cross Health’s medical, community health and pharmacy divisions graduate.

The new initiative incorporates the StellarHealth Wellness programme and then progresses onto a full 12-month StellarCare programme, taking professionals on a journey to gain a greater understanding of people care and proven health options. Participants will learn to be able to successfully deliver individually tailored, achievable health goals to customers and patients.

The programme is designed to give professionals the necessary skills to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

“We designed the StellarCare course curriculum to guide participants on their journey of self-awareness and self-care so that they are able to use their breakthroughs in understanding their own health and wellness to benefit others,” added Sherrock.

professionals will learn how to engage people in taking control of their own health and well-being though interviewing and communication techniques, reflective practice approaches and leveraging modern practice initiatives and service standards to get better health outcomes for the communities in which they serve.

“We’re committed to developing the careers of hundreds of talented employees who represent our brands and help take care of our customers,” says Grant Bai, CEO of Pharmacy and Medical at Green Cross Health.

Green Cross Health Academy builds capability through its world-class online training and development platform, TeachMe, with more than 7,000 people enrolled across 180 courses and nearly 2,000 people accessing the online learning streams each week.