DHBs prepared for Allied Health workers’ strike


DHBs prepared for Allied Health workers’ strike

Media release from all DHBs
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Unfiltered May 2022

DHB spokesperson Keriana Brooking says the continued industrial action including Monday’s strike is preventable as a comprehensive pay offer presented to the PSA on Friday was rejected without being put to members for consideration.

“The PSA has told us Pay Equity is the real concern of its members – that’s a separate process and our aim is to settle these pay talks so we can concentrate on that.

“We’ve offered decent pay increases with a focus on increasing pay rates for our lower paid Assistants, Technicians and Trainees. We need to settle the pay bargaining so DHBs and the PSA can focus on the issues of pay equity that we both agree on.

“Our Allied Health workforce plays a critical part in delivering care to people in hospitals and the communities and we all agree on the need to address the pay equity issues for allied health professions that have a predominantly female workforce.

“The decent pay deal we’ve offered is part of that, but Pay Equity has its own legislation and involves other unions, and the Government – none of whom are part of these pay talks.

“We acknowledge bargaining has been protracted and both PSA members and DHBs have been waiting for some time – the sooner we can settle these pay talks, the sooner we can focus on the pay equity claim.”

Ms Brooking says acute and emergency services will be available during the strike. If someone does need urgent hospital care, they shouldn’t delay getting help. Where elective and other community services need to be deferred, DHBs will be notifying patients directly.