Pharmacy Council takes its message on the road

Pharmacy Council

Pharmacy Council takes its message on the road

Michael Pead
Pharmacy Council chief executive Michael Pead will attend meetings with with pharmacists in eight cities across New Zealand in August
The Pharmacy Council is hitting the road to engage with pharmacists about its work direction, expenditure and fees.  Next


Instead of consulting on a 1% increase in practicing fees, shouldn't we be looking forward to a sizeable drop in the 2019 fee?

After all, the 15 "special projects" and "significant" one-off disciplinary case that were the cause of the 19% increase for the 2018 year will surely have been concluded by then (Pharmacy Council Consultation Document November 2017).

And why does a statutory body like the Pharmacy Council with a captive and compulsory membership base need to carry out two costly PR tours in less than six months?